New Cyrk curated radio series…

Pattern Compulsions

The third CYRK curated radio series for Resonance 104.4FM, ‘Pattern Compulsions’ explores the global electronic musical catastrophisms that have shaped the current [future/past] musical diaspora.

The series runs from October 04th – December 11th. Comprising of eleven one-hour ‘set’s’ from invited guests who seem to traverse these musical/geological fault lines.

Confirmed guests (so far);

Mark Fell (snd)
Russell Haswell
Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego)
Bill Kouligas (PAN)

More confirmed guests!!

NHK  (Raster-Noton)
Mark Stewart – (The Pop Group, The Maffia)
Perc – (Perc Trax)

Check back for further updates…

Cartographical image by Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain –


Series now archiving here